Learning Challenge: Deskercise

This is an image of a few deskercises. I found this graphic off of another blog.
 I read the Article, Deskercise 17 examples you can do near or at your desk. I found of these examples very interesting. I liked the fidgeting one because I am already always fidgeting when I am sitting down but I do it because I cannot it still. Next was the TMJ and Bruxism exercises because I have noticed sometimes that I clench my jaw without even realizing it while I am trying to focus. I find my jaw sore and tight sometimes due to that and maybe if I keep practicing these exercises it will help me.

Comment Wall

I have found this image online and hope that my comment wall looks like this.

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Week 4 Story: The Magical Deer

This is an image on Penelope's house out in the forest.
 Once upon a time there was a young girl that lived in the forest all by herself. Her name was Penelope and she was so beautiful. Penelope and nothing to her name and scavenged and farmed all that she had. One day, as she was walking through the forest looking for anything to eat she came across a baby deer trapped in a hole. Penelope quickly helped the deer out of the hole and it ran away in fear so she went along picking her berries.The nest day she is outside of her little house tending to her garden she could see the deer standing afar. She tried getting it to come to her but it would not so she left some food out for it and went inside. The next morning, she found the deer lying next to the front door when she walked outside and the poor deer just laid there. Penelope gave the deer some more food and water because it looked famished and it sc…

Reading Notes B

This is an image of the bare hill top where Onias slept for one hundred years. The Sleep of One Hundred Years: The Rabbi, Onias, set on a journey to the unhappy city of Jerusalem. He set on his journey and the land the was once beautiful was now bare and lacking so many things. He got to a point on his journey where he was so tired he decided to sleep for the night. He krept into a deep sleep and ended up sleeping for 100 years. When he awoke everything was different, the land was plentiful and rebuilt. Onias eventually made it to town where he met some people and his grandson. After seeing how different things were he knew that he did not belong there and wished to go back to his resting place. There he fell back into a deep sleep forever.King for Three Days: A soldier named Godfrey was set on exterminating the jews and all the people of Israel. He was confident in himself but wanted the blessing of Rabbi Rashi. The Rabbi told h…

Reading Notes A

This is an image of Og the Giant of the Flood.
The Giant of the Flood: This is the story of a giant who conned his way onto Noah's ark. He got a giant unicorn and convinced Noah to take it with him and the giant ended up riding the unicorn that was tied ti the ark. While on the journey Noah made a deal with Og the giant. Noah would feed him if Og swore to be his servant. When they got to land Og very quickly tried to leave but Noah made hold up his end of the bargain. They went on a journey to plant fruit all around and brought a sheep, lion, pig, and a monkey. They drank some wine after killing these animals and that is the story as to why wine makes people silly because if you drink too much its as if you act like a monkey. Later on, Og became a king and opposed the Israelites, Noah, he tried to pick of a mountain but the insect had made so many holes in it that it crumbled. The mountain fell on top of Og and could not move so Moses came along and struck h…

Topic Research: Creek Stories

This is a picture of a terrapin and in the second story I mention it tells the story of how their eyes became red. Creation of the Earth: I liked this story because it was pretty short, to the point, and easy to understand so I think it would be easy to retell and make it my own. I also just the idea of doing a creation story because Native Americans were some of the first people to roam the Americas so a creation story from their point of view seems like a cool idea. Fawn, the Wolves, and the Terrapin: This was a fun and short story of how and why a terrapin looks the way it does now. This is also kind of like a creation story. Hunter and His Dogs: This is a not so romantic fairytale and I am a sucker for a happily ever after.

Feedback Strategies

I found this funny meme off of google and I feel as if it gesticulates good with the two articles that I read. The first article I read was, Be A Mirror. I found this article interesting because it talks about the correlation between feedback and a growth or fixed mindset. We have been talking about a growth mindset and feedback the past weeks so I liked how this article flowed into feedback. In this article it speaks of qualities to help foster a growth mindset like prioritizing the work and effort put in and not necessarily the content and taking yourself out of the equation when giving feed back. I like these two examples a lot and I feel as if the will help when in the future when giving my classmates feedback. second article I read was, The Difference Between Praise and Feedback. I liked this article because…